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Irina Margolina


Occupation: Scripter, playwright, director, heàd of studio “M.I.R”
Education: Moscow University of Graphic Arts, editorial department

Professor of the University of Fairfield, Connecticut
Professor of School of Visual Arts, New York.
International Festivals Judge
Member of the Cinematographers’ Union of Russia
Member of the Scriptwriters’ Guild

Studio Address: Vasilievskaya, 13, Moscow, Russia
Home address: Bolshaya Sadovaya, 3/1, ap.63
Telephone: 7 499 250 90 88
E-mail: margoirina@yahoo.com

Professional experience:
Scripts for television programs
Scripts for publicity films
Scripts for theatre
Scriptwriter and producer of animated films
Scriptwriter, director, producer of documentaries
Film directing for TV and cinema

List of prizes and diplomas
1. “Group Of Comrades” – documentary, 26 minutes
- diploma of international festival in Neon, Switzerland, 1988
- diploma of festival in West Berlin, 1989
- Prize of Spectators – for the best Russian documentary, Moscow, 1988

2. “Save Russia!” – documentary, 52 minutes
- diploma of festival in Krakov, Poland, 1992
- diploma of international festival of documentaries in Leipzig, Germany, 1992
- diploma of “ Festival Of Festivals “, London. UK, 1993,

3. “Spiritualistic Séance” – documentary, 9 minutes
- diploma internaional festival, Krakov, Poland, 1992
- diploma of Spectators “ 100 years of cinematography “
- festival of the best Russian films at Khanzhonkov ‘s House, 1995

4. “Poem Of Ecstasy” – documentary, 7 minutes, 1993
- diploma of festival of short – length films in Villo de Condo Portugal, 1993

5. “Artists From Bolotnya” – documentary, 20 minutes
- Prize of Spectators at festival “ 100 Years Of Cinematography “, Moscow, 1995

6. Animated Series “KOAPP” (18 films)
- Silver medal of Russian film festival, Moscow, VDNH, 1988

7. “Fairy Tale About Foolish Husband” – animated film, 10 minutes
- l st prize at Russian festival of animated films in Ryazan, 1987

8. “Unwritten Letter” – animated film, 10 minutes
- diploma of international festival of animated films, Hiroshima Japan, 1989
9. “ Billiards Story” – animated film, 10 minutes
- diploma of international festival of short – length films, Oberhauzen, Germany, 1992
-Silver medal of international film festival, Istambul, Turkey, 1993

10. “From 9.00 Till 18.00” – animated film, 10 minutes
-diploma of international festival, Dortmund, Germany, 1990
-diploma of international festival, Kritei, France, 1991

11. “Female Astrology” – animated film, 10 minutes
-diploma for the best TV animated film, 1993

12. “Thread” – animated film, 10 minutes
-diploma of international animation festival in Studtgart, Germany, 1992
-diploma of international festival of short – length films in Oberhauzen, Germany, 1992
-diploma of international animation festival, Zagreb, Yugoslavia 1992
-diploma “ Best in The World “, Hiroshima Japan, 1992
First prize animation film festival KROK - Russia 1992
13. “ Welcome To XXI the Century “ – pilot film of ecological animated project
-nomination for prize “ Green Apple “ – young “ Nika “, 1995

14. “Leonid Kogan” – documentary, 52 minutes
- nomination for prize “ Nika “, 1996

15. “She Fail To Return” play
-diploma of international theatrical “ Studio - Europe – 93 “ Dortmund Germany

16. “Dmitry Shostakovich from “New Babylon” to “King Lear”
-diploma for the best musical film, 1997, festival of television films
“Velvet Season”

17. “Animation From A to Z” - 52 films, 26 minutes each
-diploma for the best educating program, 1997 festival “Velvet Season”

18. Kaaram Tamo Maklay - 26 minutes
2002. Diploma documentary-anthropology film festival- Chantimansiisk. Russia.

19. World of Animation or Animation of the world - 26 films, 26 minutes each.
2002. ( script and directing)

20.The Animated Century – 93 minutes
2003 (script, co-directing, co-producing), Russia, Germany, USA- Bravo Chanal.
Diploma for the BEST FUTURE- DOCUMENTARY- Putnam Wally , New York.

21. Man From The Moon - animation, 15 min. Russia, script – GOLDEN PIGEON – Leipzig film fest. 2003, diplomas on KROK, Russia, France, Germany.

22. “Tales of the Old Piano”. An educational series about the great composers of the past. Includes the films about Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Rossini, Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky. The films from the “Tales of the Old Piano” series where selected for more than 15 international animation festivals. Many of them were highly rewarded by the international juries.
Tales of the Old Piano. Beethoven has got the First Prize in 2007 at CINANIMA, international festival in Portugal, for the best animation series for TV.The film was also awarded “Best TV film or series” in 2008 at Trebone, international animation film festival in Czech Republic.
In Hiroshima, Japan Vivaldi was shown in the programm “Best in the World” in 2008.
Robert Schumann (letters) was nominated for Russian Film Academy Award prize in the year 2009.
“Sergei Prokofiev. The Fourth Orange” got the wide recognition around the world:
"Best Graphic Design" award at 16th Open All-Russian Festival of Animation Films in Suzdal (2011), at the “Golden Fish” festival (Russia) it was awarded like “Best Educational Film” and "Onotole" ToonBox prize in the "Artistic View" nomination at the first animation film festival in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan). It was selected for a number of international festivals competition programs, including Telluride Film Festival (USA) and Balkanima (European Animation Film Festival, Serbia). It was participating in the “out of competition” program in Annecy 2011 International Film Festival.
“Gioachino Rossini. Notes of a Gourmet” was selected for the competition program at Golden Kuker 2011 International Film Festival (Bulgaria) and KROK animation film festival.
"Tales of the Old Piano" retrospective show was held in Kecskemet, Hungary during the Kecskemet Animation Film Festival June 2011.
Tales of the Old Piano films were purchased by the LOUVRE museum in Paris for children audience demonstration purposes.
Russian channel CULTURA (CULTURE) bought the rights to show it for the audience.

23. KOAPP. Twenty Years Later. A science-adventure series for 4-7 year old kids. At the moment 4 episodes are ready, 2 are in production, and over 40 episodes are on their way. The two most recent films – “The Last Day of Termitea” and “My Fair Nanny” – has received several prizes from the international festivals, and got a wide recognition around the word for it’s ecological, nature-oriented topicality and educational emphasis.

Introduced internationally at industry festivals, “SIMON” is quickly winning attention and accolades. SIMON: “The Last Day of Termitea” was selected for competition at the June 2011 Annecy International Animation Festival. “My Fair Nanny” was invited to Canada’s Planet in Focus October 2011 environmental film festival.Both films were awarded the Best Animation prize at the Cinemarina 2011 film festival in Turkey.

24. Contemporary fairy tales. Animation. 4 films (Studio M.I.R., Russian and Weston Woods-Scholastic, USA). The series includes the new interpretations of well-known tales, like “Red-Riding Hood” (“Red Riding Hoods”) and “The Story of the Three Little Pigs” (“The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”), as well as some new ones, basing on the books by American publishing house “Scholastic”.


The Episodes from the widows life - 12 scripts for TV fiction 2004 nd
Animation in Phases and Frases- history of Russian Animation. The Book. Russia
Tales of The Old Piano. Animation . 13 min.-13 films. Russia.
Chech-Mate. Script.Fiction. France. –93 min.
Tetrada-Fallo – 180min. script.fiction – Channel 1 (Ostankino);
Lilia-Volodia – 6 films, script, fiction. Channel 1 (Ostankino); (history of V. Maiakovsky`s life)

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