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Studio M.I.R. was founded in 1991 by film director Mark Lyakhovetski and script writer Irina Margolina.

Mark LyakhovetskiThe founder of Studio Mark Lyakhovetski created over 50 documentaries and science fiction films. His works were awarded with about 20 prizes at international as well as national festivals. The film "Group of comrades" was a first documentary, which was forbidden on political grounds during the so-called Perestroika. Mark died on 8 October 1977.

The studio initially focused on producing documentaries, including "Crime without Punishment" (about Fyodor Raskolnikov), "Save Russia" (about anti-Semitism in Russia), "Leonig Kogan" (about the world-known Russian violinist), "From New Babylon to King Lear" (about the cinema of Dmitri Shostakovich), "Spiritualistic Session" (based on the only interview with Lazar Koganovich), and the experimental film, "Poem of Ecstasy".

Irina MargolinaSince 2005, Studio M.I.R. has been producing animated films and series, including "The Animated Century", a history of animation in cooperation with Rembrandt Films and the Bravo TV Channel (USA) and Avrora-Media (Germany), Studio M.I.R. is currently in production on the animated series, "Tales of the Old Piano" (a history of classical music for children), "Contemporary Fairy Tales of the World" (in cooperation with the U.S. publishing house, Scholastic Media and Rembrandt Films), and "CIMON" (based on the radio broadcasts of Mailen Konstantinovski, about the unique and amazing abilities of animals).

The documentaries and animated films produced by Studio M.I.R. have received numerous international awards. Most recently, for example, "Tales of the Old Piano" has been named the best TV animated series of 2007 and 2008 at several international animation festivals.

In their work, employees at Studio M.I.R. live by one main rule: "Don't do anything you do not like".

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